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I conspired with the dark side yesterday.

My friend Bonnie's daughter, Holly, works for my father. She is in college and does his filing and answers the phone that sort of thing. She is also basically the office entertainment. It's a small office, all men now, and they enjoy picking on her and playing practical jokes on her. To be fair, I know this girl well enough to know that she enjoys it and that is part of the reason I told my dad to hire her.

My pal here at work Brenda's boyfriend works for him too (yes, I am my father's employment agency, he is looking for an accounts payable person right now if you are interested). He LOVES Holly. Just loves to find different ways to pick on her. If she ever wondered what it would be like to have an older brother, now she knows.

So mostly they do things like glue her toys to the ceiling, put weird pictures on her computer desk top, tell her about the weird meat things they eat (like cockroaches and stuff--she is a vegetarian). So far it has all been pretty harmless and funny.

So Holly is pretty territorial about her mom. They have a close relationship and she is just protective of that I guess. So I am not sure why it is a big deal but apparently it was when the boys told her that her mom took them out to lunch while she was on vacation in Europe.

She was pissed but didn't really believe them.

So I called her mother and told her to call her at work and tell Holly that she had taken them to lunch.

She likes torturing her daughter so she did so immediately.

And called me back cackling, "that was SO much fun what else can I tell her?!??!!"

And my dad called a couple of minutes later. Laughing his ass off. I guess he fell off his chair laughing when she started screaming, "BUT YOU ARE MY MOTHER!! HOW COULD YOU??"

His falling kind of gave away the joke. She apparently ranted about how she can't even trust her family anymore blah blah blah.

I think if I call my dad at work any time soon I won't anser "his daughter" when she asks who is calling. I think I will be his insurance agent.

So worth it though.

May they never turn that evil towards me.

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