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Dental Musings and the Bony Pony

There are a whole lot of people out there interested in Shannon Doherty's Crohn's. A whole lot more than I really feel comfortable with to be honest.

Went to the dentist yesterday. I am afraid of the dentist. Mine is ridiculously nice. But I am still afraid. I had a migraine when I got there. When I left I felt like my filling had been done by a roving band of midget woodpeckers.

And then I drove home in rush hour traffic. WHEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Monica's sister's wedding day today. I don't know her. I sort of remember her. We all went to the same junior high. And since Monica talks about her all the time I feel like she is my best friend. Seriously, how could she not invite me? At any rate, HAPPY WEDDING DAY LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I'm off. Have to find a dress Western shirt in size 16 1/2-36. Yes my grandpa is extremely skinny with freakishly long arms. Thanks for asking.

I am going to the Bony Pony to pick one out. Yes that is a real store and yes the name makes me laugh forever.

And I imagine it will produce many google hits.

But not as many as Shannon Doherty and a gastrointestinal disease.

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