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I'm Getting a Haircut!!!

Ya'll I am getting a haircut today!!!!!!!

This may not seem so exciting to you. But I NEED ONE.

First of all, I have bangs. Which are down to my nose at the moment. Now, my choices in this situation are to style them upwards in an eighties type formation or where them in my eyes. They are poking me in the cornea right now.

Second, I have big hair. It has to be thinned every six weeks. Now until a few years ago I didn't realize that other people did not have this done. But my hair is crazy thick. If not thinned I start to look like I have an afro.

To give you an example when I was in high school I had hair almost to my waist. All one length. It looked like a big giant pyramid. And my doctor convinced me to cut it. Because I would get tension headaches. So I cut it to sholder length and they weighed what had been cut off.

It was almost ten pounds. OF HAIR.

At any rate, my bangs are out of control, my hair is getting bushy, it's time for a cut. I have been working this little pathetic pony tail long enough.

And it's getting cut today! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!


J got a speeding ticket yesterday. Could kill him. He knows this is my pet peeve. Because you might as well just throw money away. $150 on the fine plus our insurance will go up. Three weeks before Christmas. When we have NO extra money. Because he makes less money than he did before he got laid off. And we are paying off a student loan now and a new car.

I did make him a deal though. If he promised to slow down I wouldn't mention the money again or call him speed racer or anything. I think this is incredibly mature of me. I wonder if I have a fever.


Travis came over for Nerdfest last night. He wants to use my mad shopping skillz again. I guess he tried to go buy himself so more clothes to wear out and he got very lost in Old Navy and the sales girls laughed at him. And he thought he was buying a cool shirt to go out in and bought a dress shirt. I don't really understand how this could happen but ok.

I seriously should open a men's stylist business. Because these guys are clueless. If it is not a t-shirt they cannot buy it. At all. And they spend too much money.

So I will be doing that soon. I actually don't mind. It is sort of fun. And I am damn good at it. I mean I have J looking like a stylish man (when I pick his outfits) and we all no that is just an illusion.


Alright. I am off to do some real work. Only eight hours until my haircut.


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