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Puppy Rage

The twin and I had to hold in our rage yesterday at work.

Our boss, Dallas, is buying a dog for her husband and children for Christmas.

Monica and I are crazy dog people. Have I mentioned that? We treat our dogs like kids, treat them like the committment that they are and take extremely good care of them. Our tolerance for people who do not is pretty low.

Don't buy dogs as gifts ok? Especially Christmas. No one will pay attention to the puppy. NO ONE. The kids will play with their toys, dad will want to clean up, eat dinner, etc. No one will play with this dog until the New Year.

Also, have you ever noticed that your kids stop playing with their Christmas toys before Valentine's Day? Given any thought to what happens when they stop playing with the dog? Just saying.

This woman already has two dogs. They live outside. Trying SO hard not to judge. I don't really agree with keeping dogs outside. I feel that dogs are members of your family and if they are members of your family they should live WITH your family. But we will forget about that and assume that these dogs like living outside, are played with and walked every day and live exceptionally happy lives (I have no idea if this is all true).

How can you have different rules for one dog than the other two? Also, the best part about having multiple dogs is they train each other. How can your older dogs do this? And won't this cause all kinds of pack issues because this puppy becomes the alpha by living indoors long before it should? I am laying bets that there will be more dogs fights in her house in the next couple of months than she has ever had before.

She bought a Boxer yesterday. Sight unseen. All she cared about was that he had a white chest, fawn body and a black nose. UMMMMMMM. See I understand the appeal of a cute puppy. I DO! But don't you want to meet the puppy and see that he has a good personality and will be good to your kids? Wouldn't you like to take your young son to see the puppy and see if he is ready to be around such a big dog? Aren't you curious as to why this is the last dog available since he is so cute?

And who is this breeder that is selling this woman a dog? Usually breeders are so anal you can't imagine. The people who sold us Darla (who wasn't even a puppy) practically called the FBI about us and we signed a contract that was several inches thick. And I appreciate that. I do. Because I know that she is selling me a great dog, that has been cared for all of her life.

But Dallas just wants a cute puppy. Hope she feels that way when her family doesn't take care of it so she has to. And when it is fearful and anti-social because no one paid any attention to it or trained it.

But really. I am not judging.

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