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I got many emails about yesterday's entry (thank you! I love getting emails!) and I am happy to report the following:

My boss is not a complete moron. She is going to meet the dog before buying it. And yesterday she realized that maybe the cuteness of the dog is not as important as it's personality.

Halleluiah! It took her a while but she did figure it out.

So yeah. Our group rage towards her worked some magic.


I use eye cream. Not because I am worried about wrinkles or have big eye bags. But because I have DARK circles under my eyes (my skin is so pale you can see through it). I have these circles regardless of sleep so I will do anything to try to make them less noticeable.

So I have eye cream. It seems to help some. It is also supposed to help reduce puffiness. I don't have puffiness but maybe I don't have it because of the eye cream. I wasn't sure.

Until today.

Today I woke up with my eyes almost swollen shut. No problem. I have EYE CREAM.

One conclusion, Neutrogena fucking lied. Because if there was ever puffiness that needed reduced it is this shit. I am now at work (no really boss I'm not!) with ice on my eyes.

This has happened before except it was just one eye. No bruising. But maybe I just can't tell because of my INCREDIBLY DARK CIRCLES. I can't really figure out why it happens. Unless my husband is beating the crap out of my face in my sleep and it somehow doesn't hurt.

One thing is for sure--eye cream does not help.


I am pretty boring today. Go read weetabix instead. She is singing the song of every wife in America.

Except I don't have blue eyes so I don't need that eye shadow. Now if they would bring back Garden Botanika's Oil Absorbing Moisturizer I would be in business.

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