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House Husband

Inspired by weetabix Monica and I had this conversation about our husband's yesterday:

Monica: Could he not leave his socks and underwear attached to his pants when he gets undressed?

Anyabeth: I KNOW! Or not put things in the hamper that he doesn't want washed--like his leather jacket?

Monica: HEE! What about when they leave the hair in the sink when they shave?

Anyabeth: Argh! We have a drawer of hair because J doesn't clean out his clippers when he trims his beard. A DRAWER OF DEAD NASTY HAIR!

Monica: Mr. Monica did that with a razor once. And toothpaste. Like he is going to clean it up instead of letting it harden into the porcelin. GOD FORBID.

**This conversation is making the woman in the elevator with us snort so it must be universal**

But honestly. I should not complain because even though my husband is a pig and does all of those things (and more) he is pretty good.

Because in my house, housework is not my job. I know! Don't try to break down my door to molest my husband. I already have dibs.

He does the dishes and cleans the kitchen. I have done maybe three loads of dishes in the past year.

He usually keeps the downstairs picked up.

He does the yard (yes it is tiny and no it is not much but I sure don't do it).

He cooks! He cooks well!

Honestly, we split things pretty even around here. Which has always seemed fair to us. We both work full time and are busy. I don't know why other people do not do it this way--but I have found that most people don't. In most relationships the woman still does most of the housework.

Now somethings I always do. Like scrubbing bathrooms. This is because he cannot do it. He does a shitty job. And laundry. He can do his own (though he will probably ruin something) but I won't let him do mine. He doesn't understand that dry clean only doesn't mean throw it in the washer with the towels on hot and then dry it as fast as you can.

But I will still keep him.

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