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Weekend Schmeekend

Ya'll, in case I have not shared, I enjoy my lazy time.

I don't have children. I am not a neatfreak. So for me, lazy time usually is all weekend long.

Some one has not read the memo on this because I have been incredibly busy since I woke up yesterday.

Yesterday I ran all these housewifey errands like the bank and grocery store and the library. And then I went and bought Travis' clothes. This was a bigger challenge than usual because there was CRAP at the Rack. FUCK! I think those people I have been telling to go to the men's department at the Rack started going. They don't listen to me about anything but this they get right on.

But I have mad shopping skillz. So I still found him a Ben Sherman shirt, Mavi jeans and a cool Mr. T t-shirt for $75. So I went $5 over. I am still the queen.

Today my dogs woke me up at 6am. On a Saturday. We watched cartoons but Buster broke up the mood by shitting in J's closet.

I went shopping with my mother. All day. We finished buying my sister's gifts, bought most of J's stuff and I made her buy a coat. Some of you may recall the drama of buying her a coat before--well all of that and she won't wear the damn thing because it's "too nice." So we found this cute ass one today and I made her buy it. She can return the other one.

Then I came home to find out that Buster shit in his crate. This means he is sick. So I had to bathe both dogs as Buster was covered in shit and Darla just smelled like ass.

I repeat I had to bathe both dogs. Man, my dogs don't like to take baths. I was soaking wet, the bathroom was soaking wet. Darla just stands there and shakes. But they smell so much better. The water was fucking grey.

And Darla? Not that fat. She just has about seven pounds of fur on her because she looks scrawny all wet.

She has long hair but won't let me near her with the blow dryer. I toweled her off the best I could. She then ran off to dry herself on my couch, comforter and on my living room curtains. Fucking dog.

Also decorated my Christmas tree. It looks really good. For the first time ever I barely had enough lights. Normally my tree looks like it will fall over from all the lights. But being as wide as you are tall will do that to a tree I think. I hate decorating the tree alone but I will tell you all a secret. J hates Christmas.

I mean he is a doll and he puts up lights outside and he does the whole family thing. But he doesn't like Christmas at all. So I have to decorate the tree by myself and that is not quite as fun.

But it did leave me free to hide all his ugly ass ornaments in the back. Of course the back faces the window this year so this is not quite as effective as I might like. This arrangement also made it difficult to hide the pickle.

No that is not dirty. It is a German custom. You hide a pickle on your tree (mine is glass) and the person who finds it gets a wish. Of course my mother is the only one that looks for it but she makes it exciting.

Alright, I am exhausted from all this not laying around.

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