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Dicks and a Meth Head--It's Monday

Today has not gotten off to a good start. I get up early. TOO early to be honest. And much too early yo deal with some things.

There is a young man who rides my bus. He is about my age, professionally dressed, has been riding this bus for more than a year. Today I pull up in at the park-n-ride to have my spotlights catch him standing next to his car. Holding himself.

At first I thought he was peeing on the car next to him. I was horrified but that would have been preferable to what was really happening.

Because oh no my little man was stroking his little man.

What the fuck? It is like thirty degrees out, it's five in the morning and you are fucking jacking off in the parking lot of a bus station. What is your fetish? Exhaust fumes? Men in rain boots? Bushes with crack pipes (the park-n-ride is not in the best neighborhood)?

So after I got on the bus and my retinas stopped burning I got a little mad. Let me tell you that the last thing I want to see at five in the morning is a dick. Seriously. I would rather see just about anything than a dick at that time of the morning. If I was a man I wouldn't even pee in the morning so I wouldn't have to look at that. And now this guy has made me look at his before I have even really awakened.

So my fury carries me through until I get to work. Now I get to work before six am. This might seem scary in some downtowns but we have a secure building with a doorman. Nothing to be worried about.

Until today.

Get up to my floor and some one has fucked the shit out of our lobby. I am shocked that they didn't break the door to get into the offices but I gather that security caught them before that. But the plants were ripped out of their pots, the pots shattered into a million pieces, the plants with their leaves ripped off, holiday decorations pulled all apart, just everything FUCKED up.

Even though the guys cleaning it up swore up and down that no one had gotten into the offices I RAN to our section. Because my pal Alice, who is about the same age as my mother, usually gets here before five. FOrtunately, she took a vacation day today so it was not an issue.

I know that it doesn't sound like a big deal, just some plants and some decorations. But the person who did this was obviously on drugs and had some violence in them. And they obviously tried to get into the offices. How scary.

I feel like calling Alice today and telling her to come in the same time as me tomorrow. It's a little too scary for her to be here alone.

Not a good start to the morning.

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