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Nice Ass in Code

Ok working this many hours in four days is just fucking unhealthy. So short entry today. Sorry I missed this morning but I went to the dentist.

Was walking with Monica at lunch and this young black man kind of strutted next to me and said, "Lady, you look LOVELY in those jeans. HMMMM HMMMM HMMMM"

I know that is polite code for "NICE ASS" and I seriously wanted to run up and kiss this man. But, this is a city and you just can't set a precedent like that. I don't want the crazy bum on the corner telling me nice as Monday so I have to kiss him too.

But I have been in a low self esteem mode lately so his comment made my day.

So young black man with braids and a FUBU sweatshirt "I LUUUUUUUURV YOU!!!!"

I hope some one gives him some serious booty this weekend.

I can't, the husband frowns on it.

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