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Anyone Want a Husband? He Has Cute Sideburns.

Irritated with my husband. He has a twisted sense of humor. I love this about him. I do. But he does not think about his audience before he makes a joke. He will talk about politics, religion and call himself out as white trash in front of anyone. I think it is funny. BUT NOT AT MY WORK CHRISTMAS PARTY.

So this year I mention it to him. I say maybe he could tone it down. Part of this is my fault, I am so incredibly shy at parties that he becomes more exuberant to make up for that. So he says anything to get a laugh. So I ask him to please just consider that this is my job. These are the people I want to promote me.

I try to say it nice but he takes it badly. I understand. It is criticism. Not like it is going to be fun to here.

So he gets pissed, is huffy with me all night. So that people are asking me if he is alright, should we go home. I think many of them thought we were near divorce.

Worse he just doesn't get that some people do not understand sarcasm. So if he jokes that he's got to get home to his girlfriend or orders me around people don't necessarily get that he is kidding. It makes me uncomfortable so I can only imagine how it makes them feel.


On the bright side, my boss Dallas had me for our gift exchange and got me a big expensive bottle of vodka. And mini bottles of basically everything else in the store.

Go Dallas!

Maybe I will go have a drink to prevent me from killing J.


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