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I Miss My Bed

I was a slug for Christmas ya'll. I hope you had a great holiday. Mine was spent sleeping, eating and watching TV. In other words it was lovely.

Because J doesn't do holidays with his family we just mellow out with my mom and dad and veg out at home. I expect this will all change when we have kids but for now it is wonderful.

I was out with the flu too. This should have ruined my holiday but honestly I just wanted to sleep and eat macaroni and cheese anyway. This gave me the perfect reason. And Travis gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card so I had all new books to read. LOVE THAT.

The only thing that ruined it was my car. It's an automatic but it stopped shifting. I could still use the power-stick feature (which allows you to manually shift) but I couldn't just put it into drive. And then the check-engine light came on.

So Gerome has to go to the shop. I am a little pissed about this. Mainly because he is not very old and because the service manager was not very nice about it. I certainly did not break the car ass-munch. So just fix it and leave me the hell alone.

So much for holiday good cheer.

Back at work. Lots to do.

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