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Snow Day and Happy New Year

I am writing this from home. Because of the snow.

All inch and a half of it.

This is Seattle and this down fucking shuts down for a sprinkling of snow. When I looked out this morning and saw a couple of inches and the ice on the ground, thought about how much of a zoo it was going to be out there with all these people who don't know how to drive in the snow (and are afraid) driving at 70 on residential streets and also that it is New Year's Eve.

I made an executive decision.

My dogs were thrilled. We slept in another 3 hours. Actually they are still sleeping. And I am eating chocolate cake for breakfast.

I love America.

So, since it appears to be the thing to do, here is my year in review:

Worked entirely too many hours but have finally got my job situation under control.

My husband was laid off from a crappy job, went back to school for very expensive certifications and is now working an even crappier job for less money.

My sister came home for her high school reunion. She and my mother made up but she and I are not doing as well. Maybe this will be resolved the rest of the way at her 20th reunion.

I went to Iowa to see my family. J went too. He no longer thinks that my family is any more normal than him.

My parents started getting old. I am sure this has been happening for a while but this was the year that my dad become some one you have to carry things for.

J and I decided that we want to sell our house next year but are doing nothing to get ready.

We went to California and I met the rest of his scary family. I am not convinced that they are not a branch of the Manson family.

During that same trip I saw the strangest trailer in the world (which I still have not posted pictures of--I suck).

My friend Linda and her husband Doug had the most awful Thanksgiving. Doug is still on a respirator.

3 women at my work got engaged. I continue to celebrate that I won't have to hear them whine about not being married anymore. Soon they will be like me, and whine about their husbands which is how God intended us to be.

Travis moved out.

We miss him. Sort of.

The husband and I made it another year and are looking forward to celebrating our third wedding anniversary next month.

I discovered this place called diaryland. And I have really enjoyed writing this. Even though it is not as funny or insightful or even as interesting as I had hoped it would be. You cannot imagine how therapuetic it is to write down what is happening in my head. It let's the new evil or crazy shit move in.

It was a good year. Honestly. Everyone that I am close too made it out alive and that is important. Take care of yourselves tonight. Don't get killed by a drunk or get stuck in a one inch snowdrift. Those are a bitch to get out of.

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