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Schmow Day

Ya’ll. Tuesday’s inconvenient snowfall turned into a nightmare.

I was at work. Didn’t do anything but I was here. Oh I went to the Gap so I take that back. But news reports kept showing all this crazy stuff happening out on the roads and I became worried about getting home. So Brenda and I decided to take the bus to the park and ride where she was parked and she would drive me (30 miles) to the park and ride where I was parked (which is only five minutes from her house). We waited for that bus (which is supposed to come every ten minutes) for an hour. AN HOUR. Finally we packed it in and went to get a cab voucher from our employer. No problem, they happily gave us a voucher. Except there were no cabs. In the whole city. Anywhere. The doorman, Richard, GOD BLESS HIM found us the last town car in Seattle.

Our driver was crazy. He talked on his phone more than was comfortable for me (though he did have a hands-free unit). He calls his mother Mo-Mo. I wasn’t sure how to feel about that. But he drove like a pro in the weather (he was from Chicago) and got us there safely. He even helped us dig out her car.

Just the trip about five miles out of downtown took two hours if you include us waiting for a bus, cab, town car.

The drive to the next park and ride was uneventful. But my drive home. Well that was a little wild. See I live in a rural area. A rural area that is not technically part of any town or city. And my house is actually in an area that is not maintained by the county at all. The highway to my house is a very steep hill. I saw many cars slide down that hill but Gerome. I love GEROME. He and I trooped up that hill. Seriously ya’ll. If you want up a hill in snowy conditions get yourself a Hyundai Santa Fe. I can’t even imagine how much better it is with the four-wheel-drive.

So after that drama I stayed home from work yesterday. Spent all day in my sweats and watched TV and ate crispy French fries that we made in the oven.

Like magic it melted almost all the way last night. Thank God. That is enough snow for me for like ten more years.

Especially since my sister emailed me and told me that she had to turn her air conditioning last night.


Last night J and I noticed that our neighbor has a strange car parked in his driveway. We wondered if it was his new “lady friend” as he put it. Maybe she got snowed in? We kept looking out the front window hoping to catch her walk of shame home.

I am pretty sure we need to get lives.


Finally took my Christmas tree down last night. It wasn’t dry at all until like Monday. By yesterday half of the needles were on the carpet.

Observation one: Taking ornaments off the tree is not nearly as fun as putting them on.

Observation two: Even though I didn’t buy more decorations this year they did not seem to fit in the same containers they came out of.

Observation three: My dogs are ALWAYS in the way.

Normally I am sad when the tree comes down but this year I feel relieved. I think it was just so huge and awkward it just ate up all the extra space.

Of course now everything looks so naked. I am going to have to start decorating for Valentine’s Day or something. Of course I hate heart-shaped things so I am going to have to come up with something else.

Maybe an arrow. You know to gouge my eyes out with.

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