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Sparkly Helmets and Dire Predictions

Want to know what is sad? People who need parenting advice about tantrums and wetting the bed end up here. So sorry people who have purposeful internet searches. No help for you here!


When J and I got home last night he found that Buster had shit all over the crate last night. Neither of the dogs had gotten into it but man it smelled. We keep the crate in my closet so I made him move it into another room lest my clothes start to smell like shit. I felt really bad because the poor dogs had to sit in that crate for a couple of hours with it stinking so much you could gag just standing next to it.

This morning the carpet was indented where the crate had been in my closet. And there were Buster and Darla sitting in that little square of carpet with big, sad eyes. SO PITIFUL. It took me twenty minutes to talk them out of that closet. That crate still smells a bit (I guess we need to bleach it?) but the refused to go in the little ones.

They just looked at me like, "Mama, don't be stupid. Who wants the one bedroom apartment when you can have the luxury condo? And it smells so great in here!"

Sick little bastards.


J was horrified this weekend when we watched football. During the Carolina/St. Louis game I confessed that even though I hate the Rams (I think Kurt Warner looks like a shaved ape) the reason that game was stressing me out was because I really wanted the team with the sparkled helmets to win. That, and the Rams had really ugly shoes.

I think he is really thankful that no one else was there.

What? The Super Bowl isn't decided by who's cheerleader uniforms are the cutest? Because seriously, anyone with fringe should be disqualified.


Still feeling anxious. This "thing that is going to happen" could be just about anything. We have a big (LONG) work meeting today. J is getting an interview this week. COULD BE ANYTHING.

Let us just hope that it is a new job for him, a raise for me or a lottery win for us both instead of a lightening bolt to our electrical system ok?

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