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Man, I have referals from people whose husbands are lying cheating bastards and from people who want to join the Manson family. I need to talk about happier things.


Have been distracted at work this week. Still getting things done but it is taking me much longer than normal. Have vowed that today will be different. So I start it off by writing in my diary. Excellent.


J got a call about a really cool job. Everyone keep their fingers and toes crossed, pray to any God you believe in and doa voodoo chant because I really want him to get this. It sounds like he would like it, it pays tons of money and the commute isn't too bad. That is practically heaven here folks.

He has to get something soon right?


There was this man on my bus for the first time today. I noticed because I have been riding this route for a couple of years now. The same people ride it every day. You get to know each other's faces. This one was new. Didn't think anything of it even though he was using the walkie-talkie feature on his cellphone--that feature is the most annoying goddamn thing on the planet and should be banned--and bothering my headache. Then I saw him when I was walking to the drug store. And when I walked back. He kept watching me. And then I noticed he was following me. All the way to my office. UM.

Shit. Do I have to change bus routes now?

I have already had one stalker. He followed me around in his car, called me all the time, parked outside my window and flashed his lights and honked his horn for hours at a time. Once he broke into my apartment and tried to pull me out the door and I had to be rescued by the manager of my building.

This experience has made me less friendly. I used to talk to strangers and be very friendly. I made fast friends with people. Then I found out this man was some one I had talked to, had been to his house once for a school project. I didn't remember him. Didn't know him. But he had become obsessed.

I am not so friendly anymore. I don't bother with people I don't feel connected with. I don't keep up friendships that are not important to me.

I miss the old me sometimes.

Then again the old me probably would have talked to this loser so maybe I don't.


Ok. Working.

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