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New Hair, New Addiction

Feeling a little better now.

Less stress.

Got a lot of shit done today. Also got a haircut. Mine went from "it looks ok" ro "FUCKING unacceptable" overnight. Seriously. It just looked like ass. My regular gal is not going to do hair anymore so Heather here at work reccommended this guy here downtown.

LOVE HIM. Seriously. The haircut took about a million years but I am pretty happy with it and it is just hanging better. Of course the real test is tomorrow when I have to do it myself.

God, skin care products, new shoes and haircuts. Nothing else cures stress and self-esteem like that. Except jeans that fit your ass right, but that is like saying the Holy Grail eliminates religious confusion.

I am completely addicted to these wintergreen lozenge candies. They are bubble gum pink and easily mistakeable for pept0-bismol. In fact I originally bought them because my grandfather told me how much they helped stomach upsets. They do. But they also are like crack with the addictiveness factor and turn your teeth pink.

Do I sound like I have no self control?

Just checking.

Alright. Going home!!!!!!!!!

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