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Tooth Trauma

Excitement this weekend.

First of all, I love my friend. And just getting to hang out with her was my idea of Heaven. We did all sorts of girly things like shopping and spa and eating junk food. I don't have many girlfriends--working with all women can suck my patience away--so this was a real treat for me.

T bought me a spa day Friday as my birthday/Christmas gift. We had massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. HEAVENLY. I was a big giant slug at the end. It is exhausting getting pampered so much ya'll. I do not know how the ladies who lunch do it.

The only downside to this day of luxury is that massages kick your lymphatic system's ass. Now this is great most of the time. Unfortunately, I didn't know that I had an infection plus a cold. And both of things were thrown at my immune system at high speed.

The infection was in my tooth. There was no way I would know about it. I had no symptoms and no pain. If I had known, as a LMP myself, would NEVER have had the massage.

The cold? Well even though you are not supposed to I probably would have anyway. Because honestly, it usually means you get over your cold faster.

At any rate I got pretty sick this weekend.

I didn't let it spoil my time. She hadn't shopped in basically years so I took her everywhere. We abused my company discount, bought her all kinds of fun things to wear and had a great time.

Saturday my tooth started to hurt. I didn't notice much at first.

Sunday it hurt more.

By the time I flew out on Monday I was ready to do my own primitive dental surgery. One that involved string and a door and possibly a hammer. It hurt so much I threw up at the airport and my cold was not helping. I called J and begged him to bring pain killers to the airport when he picked me up.

God bless him. He brought pain killers, NyQuil, 7-Up and other Anyabeth remedies. I am such a spoiled brat honestly. He also had called an got me an emergency dental appointment the next morning.

I was early to the dentist. EARLY. I barely slept the night before. My face was swolled up on that side. And bruised. It hurt to close my mouth but it hurt to have it open. I realized that I hadn't really eaten since Sunday.

Turns out I needed a root canal. Never had one of those.

Was not the most fun I have ever had.

I really gave going back to work an honest shot. But I needed my vicodin. NEEDED.

Passed out for a whole day, I don't really remember Tuesday at all. Yesterday was better, I am starting to look less deformed. Still not eating. Have possibly found the diet for me.

All in all. Don't get infections in the roots of your teeth. Not a good time.

If you hadn't already figured that out.

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