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Just ate a giant brick of Rick Krispie treat. This is the only thing that has made me happy all day.

Everything smells like plane. Like that recycled, faux-air conditioning mixed with BO and too much perfume worn by women in blue eye shadow from Tuscon. Everything smells this way. My cube, my scarf. ME.


The women in my office are back playing their diet games. Carbs are "bad" and this included wheat and vegetables. And god help your soul if you willingly consume sugar. It is all they talk about, all they think about, if you choose to believe that they think at all. Which I don't. This morning I heard a conversation about apples and how they are so "fattening" that went on long enough that I wanted to tie both of these women up and force feed them pixie stix and real Coca Cola.

Also to wear tapered-leg pants.

They irritate me that much.

There isn't enough Rice Krispie treat in the world to make up for that shit.

And I still smell PLANE!!

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