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Back the Fuck Off

Ok I am a judgemental bitch. I say this freely. If you wear white socks with black shoes and pants or pantyhose with open-toed shoes I will mock you behind your back.

However, I am really tired of how in each other's business people are.

I want it on the record that it is no one's business but mine, my husband's and possibly my primary care provider what food that I eat, whether or not I buy organic, what medications I take, where I buy gas, etc.

I know that I live in Seattle, land of the pretencious yuppie-hippies but Jesus H. Christ.

Let me explain something. Buying organic apples does not make you morally superior. Neither does driving a hybrid car or refusing to take aspirin if you have a headache.

Mind your own goddamn business.

I can take this crap because I know it is bullshit but I really hate how people use this shit to intimidate people. A woman at my office is a serious recycling Nazi. She bullies people about recycling--going into their cubes to berate them when they choose not to. I am one of those people. I don't recycle aluminum cans. Mainly because I happen to know that Seattle doesn't actually recycle them--they take them to the landfill--they just charge extra for recycling (this is in public records so don't shoot me for being the messenger). I don't understand why I should go to all this extra trouble and expense for something that doesn't happen anyway.

But honestly, even if it did, would it be great if I recycled? Absolutely. Is it any of her goddamn business? NO.

And people. Not taking medications that help your illnesses does not make you a better person. It makes you a stupid person. (Monica, I am not calling you out, even though we were talking about this. This is actually about a neighbor of ours who yelled at J for taking muscle relaxers for his back). We live in the modern world. We have things that help us function and have better help. It is good to take advantage of that technology. If you choose not to, that is your business, just as it is mine to take care of my own health. Also, it is really easy to take this position if you have always been healthy and never had a traumatic injury.

When did we get like this? Why are we like this? Why do people care if you eat fast food or occasionally eat Top Ramen (yes dad, I know it is full of sodium)? People need to back the fuck off and mind their own business.

Except the white sock business, that is a danger to us all.

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