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Anniversary Time

Today is J and I's third wedding anniversary.

How is it possible that I am old enough to have been married three years? I swear I was twenty just ten minutes ago.

Can I confess something? I didn't really like my husband when I first met him. I know that I have told the story before but I left out that part. I thought that he was arrogant and he talked to much and was crude.

All of these things are true honestly. But he also is sarcastic, dry and evil.

Ok, that second part, is the compliment.

I don't think I could love some one who was nice. I wouldn't understand their motivation. I love people who are critical, who think too much and see the world really differently.

When I met J I started on an adventure. I didn't know it at the time. I was twenty years old. I wanted to go to parties, drink too much, finish school, smoke too much and have a cute boy to do it all with. Somehow we morphed into a couple, into a life together. I look at our wedding pictures and I am struck by how we are BABIES. We were just twenty-two. Honestly, we look like we are dressed up to go to the prom.

But I am incredibly thankful that I am on this adventure every day. I laugh every day. I feel beautiful and special and wonderful every day. This is because of him.

I am not meaning to get all schmoopy here. He doesn't read this anyway. But I love my husband. I can't believe I really am so lucky.

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