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Am I Going to Hell?

Thank you to everyone who has written me words of support for my entry from a couple of days ago. Converting to a new religion is a really difficult decision, one that is bringing up all sort of issues in how my family relates to each other and making me confront my upbringing. It is a great opportunity to me but I do appreciate everyone who has emailed their encouragement.

And to you ignorant and ridiculous people who took time out of their day to call me a "Christ Killer?" Go see "Passions" and fuck off.

Thinking about becoming Jewish has brought up other issues for me. Ones that are stupid and ridiculous but make me think all the same.

1. I often joke that I will be on the first bus to Hell. I have never really believed in Hell even though I was brought up Christian, however, Jews don't believe in Hell at all. Or Satan. And I make a lot of Satan jokes. Is it inappropriate now or will it be if I convert?

2. Christmas cards. We have never sent them out but this is mainly because of economic and time concerns. Since we haven't decided to tell the whole world about our conversion (though we won't lie) do we ever send out Christmas or holiday cards? Does it just make me look lazy if I never send them out? Do you send a card that is for whatever holiday that the other person celebrates? Confusing. And trivial. Especially since it is March.

3. This one is bigger, but I worry about who to tell and how to do that. Family is easy. I will tell my parents and sister and anyone I am close too. My grandparents are harder because I have never discussed religion with them and this would upset them. But I don't like the idea of lying. More trivial, but weird for me all the same is the issue of our office Christmas party. I don't really want to talk about this with people at work because I feel like it is a personal issue but also we celebrated Christmas this year but likely will not next year. Does that seem strange to anyone else? Uncomfortable at least.

J says I worry too much. Which is absolutely true. But I think that this just demonstrates how culturally different these two religions are and what big changes are in store for us.



Side note: Anyone else think those Bush ads are offensive and horrifying??

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