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J told me this morning that he is stressed out and he doesn't know why. I went through the list:

1. Work? No

2. Me? No

3. Money? No

4. the House? No

5. Your Family? No

6. Dogs? No

7. Having a Baby? No

Does he have any idea what is stressing him out? None whatsoever. At least that he will tell me about. But he really is terrible at lying to me and will usually just come out with it. Easier and all.

I don't understand it at all.

He finally has a job. One that he likes pretty well. And I have a job. One that is ok. And we make enough money. And no one is sick. Or having an affair. No one is living in our guest room. His dad just visited so that is over for a few months. His Yankees are going to have a good year. His Lakers are having a good year. Football is over so he cannot be worrying about the 49ers.

Why isn't he just happy?

This is what marriage can be sometimes. Getting pissed off when your partner does the perfectly normal thing of being stressed out.

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