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Shut Up Boston

Word to weetabix. Seriously ya'll. Quit your whining Boston. The baseball world does not have to adjust it's ENTIRE season to allow Catholics to eat hot dogs at the game. If you can't eat meat DON'T EAT MEAT. But don't whine to me about it. Seriously. Have fish and chips. How easy is that?


I had a ROUGH weekend. Not only was I recovering from last week's mini-meltdown crisis (thank you to everyone who emailed their support, yes, I am a drama queen and I appreciate everyone pointing that out to me in a very nice way), but I had a bit of a Crohn's attack. Actually I think it was one. I insisted on self-medicating and denying that I was having any problems for most of the weekend. And then noted last night, "that was probably pretty fucking stupid, I should have just gone to urgent care like the nurse told me."

I am still not 100%, in fact I came to work a little late in response to my stomach begging my not to get out of bed this morning. I will undoubtedly be EXTREMELY sorry about noon today. But for now, I am here.


We went to see Travis and Moose's new apartment this week (before I wanted to kill myself). It is actually pretty nice, I am impressed that they found such a nice place. Especially considering their mutual history of being too lazy and helpless to do anything until they are forced to live in a dump.

They made us hot wings and other bar food which we found delightful. But these guys are so annoying. Annoying in a I-really-enjoy-their-company-but-could-they-change-their-attitudes-about-women-please sort of way. Seriously. Thirty years old and they have no clue about anything.

Maybe I am unreasonable. Probably. It certainly wouldn't be the first time.

We were talking about our pal Keith. His company is moving to South Carolina. They offered him a crapload of money to relocate. But his girlfriend refuses to go. I don't blame her. They are not married and he hasn't asked her. She has lived here her entire life. All of her family and friends are here. She has started her career here. She doesn't even know if she would be able to get a job there. And this is a much bigger market (she is in radio) than South Carolina. So it would be a step back in the least.

All great reasons to not go. I mean, I would go if J got asked to relocate but we are married, and if it was the best thing for my family than I would do it.

This is a different situation. Now these guys weren't talking shit about her or anything. They were just all smug and self-satisfied about how this is why they don't like to be tied down (even after Moose admitted he wouldn't go because of his daughter). Please. Like anyone wants to be with these guys.

I did manage to keep myself from mentioning that this might be the reason that Travis didn't get laid the entire time Clinton was President.

Just barely.

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