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Driving Irritations

OK ya'll, thanks so much for all of your help putting my bracket together. This is important business you know, I have ten bucks riding on this.

Had two different issues with merging people on the drive to the Park and Ride this morning. Since there were two I started to think that it was something wrong with my driving. But we all know that can't be true. Also, most Washington drivers cannot merge. If you ever notice are traffic problems, they are all caused by the non-merging habits of all the drivers.

The first guy was in the right lane at a light. The right lane ends and lots of people (my husband included) use that right lane to speed ahead and get in front of the line of cars in the left lane. This doesn't usually bother me because at least those people drive fast down the hill and don't hold everyone up (unlike that fucking old lady in the Volvo who drives THIRTY in a SIXTY--I hate that bitch). But this guy is quick out of the gate but then keeps pace with me. He doesn't slow down or speed up. UM. And then he starts honking his horn and coming over so I have to slam on my brakes to make a spot for him. Asshole.

The other guy was on the on-ramp. Its a two lane one with lanes coming off two different streets. My lane has to yield to the other one because they merge at the end. But this guy was going so fast I never saw him. I was merging at forty and never saw him. Oh yeah, he didn't have his fucking lights on. Because of course we can all see his magical car in the dark? I am not really sure what his problem was.

All of this made me extrememly paranoid and just made me drive slower.

Thanks assholes. You made me drive like that old lady.

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