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Iowa Pride

One of the men that I work with is also from Iowa. We make hillbilly jokes back and forth and I tell him that I am going to out him to all of his snooty little work buddies. I threaten to leave a model of a John Deere tractor on his desk. He says he is going to make me a "Real Women Eat Raccoon" t-shirt.

He calls me the other day and he says did you see that Des Moines got ten inches of snow this week? And I say yes, because my grandpa wanted to shovel it and was all pissed off when my mom called the snow removal place. He tells me his parents are visiting (he and his wife have a new baby) and now his dad is all pouty.

Because he is missing the last good coyote hunt of the season.

See coyote hunting is best with fresh snow because they can't smell you coming as easily.

Then he tells me not tell anyone.

So I just mention this story to about everyone I know. And all of you people, that I don't know.

There is no shame in your dad being a coyote hunter sweetheart. I can say this because my dad just collects shotguns, he doesn't shoot anything with them.

But I do have an Uncle Bud with a taxedermy collection.

We are none of us worthy.

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