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Sorry about the brief entry yesterday. With all the health nonsense and work drama, I just couldn't get to this yesterday. But maybe I should have, because this really does help me sort through some things sometimes.

A friend at work got fired yesterday. I don't really understand 100% why she got fired. Our boss isn't admitting it. Because she didn't get approval from any of the regular channels to do this. That situation combined with the fact that I got nailed by her on Monday (completely my fault, I think taken out of proportion but she makes the rules, she is the boss, so I will change) makes me feel very insecure in my job. A job that I hate any way.


I feel really ready for something new. There are a lot of things that I would like to try. But I somehow do not feel ready for any of them. I still don't feel like a grown up. Not sure why that is. But I don't. But I do feel extremely ready for something new.


On the shallow and vain front (because admit it, ya'll miss this information when I don't write about it), I bought new jeans this weekend. They are some trendy designer nonsense. Since I work in fashion, this shit matters and it has always bothered me that all the other girls here wear really great designer jeans but my ass won't fit in them*. But I found a pair that work. And it is amazing how much a difference that makes. I haven't lost weight but I feel thinner. And just better about everything. How sad is that? Incredibly sad. And these fuckers are so low. Seriously. Will not be bending over today. At all. Am very grateful I have a wall behind me at work so no one has to see anything. Ok, I think about this shit too much. Just tune in tomorrow when I whine about needing a haircut and how I want to go tanning.

*As women know these fucking jeans run a size or two small and are intended for women with no asses. This is great for those without an ass but I have one, and it just doesn't fit in those pants. Which is depressing and sad because I am not exactly a plus sized woman here.

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