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Stop the FCC

First of all, I want to say WORD to Pamie about the FCCing of America. I am so fucking tired of people on TV who do not know me or anyone that I know deciding what is decent or not. This is America for crying outloud. This all started because of a breast. Yes, it is really too bad that that happened. I can see how it might have been awkward for parents to explain Janet Jackson's nipples to their kids. However, I think it could have been summed up by saying, "Well Jr., I think Mr. Timberlake accidentally ripped her top and Ms. Jackson's (because I am NASTY) breast was exposed." That is it really. I think Jr. would go back to his color with a shrug of his shoulders. I think it would be harder to explain about that Viagra commercial that played during the Super Bowl. The one about what to do if you get a four hour erection. Seriously. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!

But as always in this country, we have the right to turn it off. Turn of the TV, that radio, don't buy the magazine. Speak with your dollars. I treasure this right and I use it. I don't agree with the sentiments expressed in the Passions of the Christ (ok I admit it, I have not seen it, but I have spoken with enough people who have to know that I don't agree) but I absolutely agree with Mel Gibson's right to make such a movie. I think that it was admirable of him to put so much of his own money into something he believed in (I will say that some one who says that he does not believe that the Holocaust happened should keep his fucking hands off the story of Hanukkah). But I choose to not go see it. Don't censor Howard Stern just don't listen to his show.

This isn't rocket science people.

You know what is next? Political speech. Speaking against the President. Speaking against Jesus. Because people keep throwing that in my face. That Jesus wouldn't believe this or that. Well first of all, I don't believe in Jesus. And according to the CONSTITUTION I do not have to. And so that cannot be your only argument against something. See, to live with the first ammendment is hard. It means that people can say things that you do not want to hear. It means they can say them loudly and on television and whenever they want. And you need to defend that. This isn't about saying fuck or showing your nipples on TV. This is about being able to criticize the President, it is about being able to practice your religion. It is about being able to not like the Yankees.

On that note, if you believe that the FCC is going to far. That the people of America have a right to control their own views and vote with their dollars, sign this petition. And pass it to everyone you know. Put it on your diary. Email everyone in your address list.

I gotta go take care of my sick husband. Somehow he thinks that letting the dogs sleep on his head is not enough.

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