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Sometimes people surprise you.

My dad never does this, but I have to give the man credit, he shocked the fuck out of me yesterday.

I told him we were converting. After what happened with my mom (who is usually the more accepting person in their partnership) I figured he was going to have a stroke.

I broke it to him gently. Actually I didn't at all. We were having lunch and I just said it. He actually dropped his fork. I could tell that it never occured to him EVER that I would say that.

But he was so amazing about it. He told me that he had been wanting us to find God for so long he didn't really care what God it was. And he said he didn't know if his way of believing was right he just knew it worked for him.

My father is one of the most religious people I know. To have him admit that he might possibly be wrong was a serious moment for me.

This is what I was expecting from my mother. That she loved us. That she was happy for us. My dad totally was. He was so happy because he could tell that this was something that J and I were excited about. I am sure that he will not love some of the realities (such as no baptism) but he will survive. And I really do feel like it is all going to be ok.

But why on Earth does everyone comment on no more pork? Is that what people think being Jewish is?


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