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Two Things

So ya'll. I have a couple of things that I simply MUST say.

First of all. I gave Britney a chance. I like some of her songs. I confess, that Toxic song makes me sing along. And honestly, I did not understand the hub bub around the video. I don't care that she dances around with hardly any clothes on. I don't care that she slept with Justin Timberlake (actually that made me like her more honestly). But I watched part of her concert on Showtime last night and give me a fucking break. I know that she thinks she is the next Madonna but did she have to steal her stage show from Madonna's Blond Ambition tour? Seriously, it is like an act by act replay of that show. And honestly she sounded horrible. Through most of it you couldn't hear her at all but when you could she sounded like ass. Call me picky but I thought singers were supposed to be able sing. She didn't even really look that good. Just sort of like she needed to take a goddamn shower.

Second. Condeleeza Rice. FUCKING TESTIFY. I pay your salary. I am a taxpayer. If you have enough time to go on 60 minutes and talk than you have enough time to testify to the 9/11 commission. And you better tell the goddamn truth. I don't care about what "priveledge" the President believes he should have. HE DOESN'T HAVE THAT MUCH. He is accountable. To me and to everyone else in this country. SO get your ass to that commission and start talking.

This woman was the one thing I liked about the Bush administration. I liked that she was so powerful and professional. She was just so impressive. But she needs to so some integrity and tell the truth. Out loud. In public. Because this is bullshit.

At least I threw in some Britney crap before I went off on politics, right?

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