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Fucking 7-11

I apologize. I didn't think about how I left ya'll hanging.

I am not pregnant.

Nope. Just crazy. But better now. Thanks for asking.


Lovely weekend. Sunny and gorgeous. I got out the fans for all the rooms in my house. I wore tank tops and flip flops. Delightful really.


Got a haircut at the same place that J gets his down. The two men (a father and son) that run the place are truly delightful. The father is possibly the cattiest thing on two wheels (a quality that I ADORE) and the son provided me with some lovely gossip about my neighbors (who he grew up with and who referred us there).

And I am pretty sure I like my haircut. He was not so impressed with my fancy pants haircut from the expensive place. To be honest, I really liked that cut too when I first got it but it grew out and looked like ass. It was all crazy and crooked and was just odd. I have a lot of hair and with enough product I can mask that effect but it takes too much work honestly.

So he took quite a while "correcting" the cut. And it looks pretty good. But the man had never met me before. I didn't style it before I went (why bother, they are just going to shampoo it anyway) and he went a little conservative on me. And short. The short I understood as he had a lot to even out in the back. But I didn't think I would have to tell a young guy with a mohawk to make my haircut a little funky. But I guess I should have. Lesson learned. But it is pretty cute and much easier to do.

I have to confess that when the older lady here said she liked it it made me worry a little. I will check with Monica when she gets here for the final verdict.


By far the best thing about this weekend was that I learned to play Texas Hold Em poker. We went to Keith's and played for hours with dimes and nickels. J finally beat Travis with an all-in macho weird thing that I didn't fully understand but loved because he won and we got to take home a whole bunch of change. We even went out for Slurpees on the way home. Except 7-11 was out of my favorite flavor.

Fucking 7-11.

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