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I watched part of GWB's press conferance last night. Basically until it sickened me to the point where I thought I would actually vomit.

This isn't a political diary but I refuse to apologize for what I am about to say. All you people who say you don't care about politics START CARING.

Start caring now. The man is a liar. Republican or Democrat pretty much everyone admits it. And I know Clinton was a liar too. And I don't care. Because Clinton lied about fucking an intern. Something that pretty much anyone on earth would have lied about and frankly it was none of our collective business. If Hilary was cool with it we should have all butted the fuck out.

But Bush is lying about shit that makes people die. We are killing people. Our own soldiers. And our future too. Because if you don't think we are creating another 9/11 over there you are kidding yourself.

But beyond that, you should care about politics because we all live in the same economy. We have to pay taxes, our kids are educated in the schools, we are drinking the same water and breathing the same air. I am so tired of my generation's apathy. Fuck you! It takes so long to go and vote? It takes so long to read the papers and think and question and care about what is happening? Maybe it does. Maybe that is an investment you are not willing to make.

But if you were paying attention you would see some crazy shit happening right now. The military is out of soldiers. They are sending kids back that just got home a few months ago. Bush has said that the military has to increase in size. Recruitment is way the hell down. Young men out there from 18-25 where do you think he is going to get those soldiers?

We are nation obsessed with ourselves. We care about celebrities and diets and fashion and sports and religion and our own damn selves and I care about those things too. But our ability to be obsessed with that shit depends on our ability to be a free society. Look around, we are not free.

The President wants to introduce an Ammendment to our Constitution that contains bigoted hate speech. Regardless of how you feel about gay marriage how do you feel about the Constitution? Do you know that it has NEVER had hate speech in it before? Its 2004 and we are moving backwards.

The FCC is censoring TV and radio. Maybe you don't care about Howard Stern. Maybe you disagree with him. But what about when you can't watch MTV or the Simpson's? When you can't buy Al Franken's new book?

I am sure there are people reading this who think I am over-reacting. But honestly I am not. You can't expect these freedoms to defend themselves.

But maybe we do not want to be a free society. Freedom of speech means that you have to hear and see things you do not want to. It means that women can do porn and the Klu Klux Klan can have parades. It means that Rush Limbaugh stays on the radio. It means that you have to parent your kids and start paying attention to the music and media that they are consuming. Freedom of religion means that you have to let people wear yarmalukes to school. And you can't force little athiest kids to say the Pledge of Allegiance. All of these things make us uncomfortable. Maybe they should. But we have to allow them into our country.

So I will stop ranting now. Especially if ya'll promise to start paying attention.

That's it for today, back to hair and angry tirades against Paris Hilton tomorrow.

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