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I like sex on Thursdays. Forgive me for the TMI but seriously. Thursday is the best day EVER to have sex. This is because it is really my Friday so I am all relaxed and don't have to go to work the next day and blah blah blah. Also, J does have to work the next day so for whatever reason Thursday sex is Always! New! and Unexpected!

Can't lose really.

I never have understood that myth that married people don't have sex and that women don't like it.

Am I terribly unfeminine here? Probably. But let me say, if you discount that first blush period of sex (when you are first together and fuck eight-three thousand times a day) than I think married people have more sex than single people. Because we can people.

And I don't know about the rest of the women in America but I am a much happier, more pleasant, MORE EFFICIENT person when I have sex several times a week. Its like going to a spa except it is free and your husband is thrilled.

Of course it could be that J and I are not following married sex rules. I am sure that there is a book they give you when you get married (I know that there is one because we also missed the chapters "Don't Divide Housework--the Little Woman Should Do It" and "Tupperware Parties and You") that describes how to have sex with the lights on and between sheets and with your clothes on as much as possible. I guess if you have to do it that way it is worth skipping.

So take my advice, skip the book. Three times a week makes your hair grow faster and shinier.

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