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I slept in this morning. I mean as much as getting up at 4:45 is sleeping in.

Seriously, the best extra forty-five minutes of sleep EVER.

But for the second day in a row my routine is all thrown off and I feel scattered.

Not that you would notice.


My dad is talking about flying to Iowa next month to see his folks. My dad hates Iowa more than basically anywhere in the world that isn't Philedelphia.

He must be really worried about his parents.

My grandparents are an example of how this country treats its elderly. My grandfather is a veteran and he worked two or three jobs every day of his life.

They barely scrape buy on his social security and small pension. He can get basic healthcare at the Vet's hospital.

They won't take our money. They will barely take anything from their children. My dad and his sister just bought them a dishwasher. My dad gets his best friend (who still lives in town) to go make food runs to make sure that they are eating well.

It makes me terrified a bit.

And so very sad.

When I was a little girl I thought my grandpa was the tallest, strongest man in the world. Today he can barely walk and he spends a lot of his time taking care of his wheelchair-bound wife.

People in my family live well past their prime. I am not so sure that is a good thing.

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