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WORD to PG . I was thinking about joining Curves (as I am lazy and their lazy attitude appeals to me) but I have always been one to vote with my dollars. So fuck off bastard!

My evil twin Monica finds out if she is having a boy or a girl today! WHEEEEEE! So much excitement! She is going to call and tell me later on. And I am supposed to pass the word. Now how sad is it that she doesn't want to be here when people find out? I love the people I work with but they as such assholes sometimes. They comment on her belly and harass her at every turn. She is having a baby, she did not at some point become your little gossip object. FUCK! I mean really. Leave the girl alone.

Stayed up and watched the OC with the husband last night. It was sort of boring. He told me it was a build-up episode so I will watch again. But Adam Brody who I loved in Gilmore Girls is so annoying. This cannot be happening. I am hoping that was a one episode issue and will be resolved next week. FOX get on that!


Can I just say how much I hate those little grocery customer loyalty cards? HATE. When we moved into our house there were three grocery stores: Albertson's (which was VERY EXPENSIVE), Safeway (which I HATE because once they tried to refuse to sell me bread without me giving them my phone number which is against the law and also they are VERY EXPENSIVE) and Haagen. Which I liked. Haagen had good prices and good selection and the people were really nice. They also had one of those card programs. But, they don't mail anything to you, you can use a fake name and telephone number AND the prices you get were actually sale prices instead of them just jacking up the prices that non-card holders get (I am looking at you SAFEWAY).

Yesterday I went to the grocery store. J had hidden my keys (long story) and so I didn't have my little grocery card. No sweat. When this has happened before they have just swiped a dummy card to get the savings. UH no go this time. WHAT THE FUCK? I was told that I could either get ANOTHER card or bring my receipt back and they would refund cash.

Then I realized that the prices that were card prices weren't sale prices anymore but the regular prices and I was paying absorbant amounts of money for this fucking free card program.

So I calmly went and complained to the manager. And wrote a letter to the store manager and district manager about how this is terrible customer service and bullshit and they are cocksucking assholes.

But in a nice way of course.

I basically quietly lost my shit over this and I am not sure why. I think it is because I am tired of people not being able to do ANYTHING anymore without some one tracking it. You can't shop without cameras on you. You can't buy anything without people knowing. You can't do anything without BIG BROTHER knowing. And not to be all 1984 about it but I find that frustrating. I am not doing anything wrong. I just want to shop in piece.

And get sale prices.

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