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Nature Schamture

Mother Nature, I have such a bone to pick with you.

We had a little windstorm last night. And despite the Seattle Metro area's flare for the dramatic. It was not a hurricane. It was not a tornado. It was not the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine). It was a wind storm. A SHORT wind storm. That knocked the power out of a lot of cities. But most importantly my house.

I was cool with this until I didn't get to watch Gilmore Girls last night. It was supposed to be a good episode! We couldn't have a power outage the night the are re-running something?

Other than that it wasn't so bad. All our neighbors stood in the street and gossiped. Which was fun. But then I realized why I am not friends with any of the women. None of them have a fucking sense of humor.

They were all WIGGING about how they couldn't cook. Or do laundry. Or anything.

Give me a break. I almost ran out of gas on the way home (because traffic was screwed and none of the pumps were working) and was also out of Coca-Cola AND because of no power I did not have access to ice cream (can't open the freezer) and I wasn't wigging.

Take the kids to McDonalds. Leave the laundry until tomorrow. The power will come on in no time.

It did take a little longer than I was expecting. It came on at about one this morning. I had to sleep with wet hair (causing me to look entirely too much like Weird Al Yankovick for my comfort) and woke up at about two to set my clocks and alarm.

Delightful. But that is it. Don't be making me Survivor on Thursday.

Rabble Scrabble NATURE.

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