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Dreading Monday

Had the worst afternoon yesterday. Actually it was the preview for what will be a terrible Monday.

Not to go into too many details but I am going to get my ass chewed by some one who has every right to be angry but I didn't control this situation and can do nothing about it.

If he doesn't bust into my office with a machine gun I will be very happy.

And shocked.

So J took me drinking last night, which was the absolute perfect thing to do. This is why I pay him the big bucks. I drank and we argued about baseball and I felt better.

He convinced me that my hair was not shiny enough and we must have Thursday sex in order to restore its luster.

He was right of course.

Today is gorgeous. I am coloring my hair and then getting out of the house (if I time it right I can do all my chores while the color sets).

Ya'll should too.

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