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So. I am a cheap drunk.

This didn't use to be true. I used to be able to drink all ya'lls asses under the table and then some.

But then I had the ugly kidney infection of 2001. Which caused some liver damage. When I heard liver damage I tried not to really drink for year--which the doctor told me would heal that puppy right up.

Some how I never really started drinking again. I mean, and OCCASIONAL drink sure. But not that often and not that much.

Do you know what that does to your tolerance?

So J had a work party today. On a boat, in honor of the first day of boating season, and there are races here. And his company has a big boat (that never leaves the dock) that everyone sits on and eats from a buffet and gets smashed at the open bar.

Did you know that they make the drinks much stronger at open bar than they do regularly? Turns out they make them triples. And I had three. In like an hour and a half. That is nine shots (possibly more since when the bartender made the last one the top fell off the bottle and even he said "this might be a little strong").

So I was smashed. I did not do anything at the party but I was pretty entertaining on the way home. With much waving at other cars. And whooing. And feet out the window. It was a simply gorgeous day out. Sunny and warm without being too hot. The kind of day that you hope no one from other parts of the country notices we have so they will not move here.

I think J was enjoying the whooing.

The problem with getting drunk by like 1 in the afternoon? You sober up at 7 that night. That isn't fun.

The bright side is you have drunk sex in the afternoon which makes it feel even dirtier. Love that.


Maybe I am not 100% sober.

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