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Monkey Loving

My father enjoys buying Buster stuffed animals to play with. Buster stalks these toys with a delibrateness that is a little alarming and shakes them around. He seems to be telling them off when he does this. Sometimes he kicks them to prove a point. Dad has started buying animals that make noise. First was the frog that make a rabbit noise—his head got ripped off. Then a lion with a rattle in his tail. That tail was ripped off and I have to say that the lion looks a lot less threatening now. Currently there is a gorilla with a recording of a “ooh ooh ah ah” noise that goes off when you press his chest. Buster hates the monkey. He growls at it. Pounces on it when he believes the monkey isn’t looking. Carries it on top of bed only to kick it off viciously. Friday I found the monkey on my living room floor covered in piss. I think that this is Buster’s way of letting us know he is done with the monkey.

Interestingly, the monkey did come out of the washing machine ok. Buster will not be pleased to find his piss-free toy.

I love my neighborhood. I mean, I love my neighbors. I hate our HOA and some of the crazy people but I do have pretty good neighbors. Despite the fact that entirely too many (read: ANY) are Republicans. Case in point, the guy across the street was here this weekend talking to his dog (Buster’s current girlfriend) and he says “maybe Uncle J will give you a cookie.” We are not the only people who talk to our dogs like they speak English. We are not the only ones that refer to our friends as our dogs’ aunts and uncles! Now we just have to find out if they speak for their dogs in special little voices and also pick fights with each other using those voices. As in, “Mama says you SUCK.” Not that we do this.

It helps to know that there are people like us out there.

It is also a little upsetting.

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