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Crab Legs, Stoners and Reality TV

Anyone else squicked out by the Rob and Amber tongue-fest on Survivor last night? I mean what kind of fame whore do you have to be in order to propose on national TV? Jesus, does she want to be the new Trista or something?


It is just wrong wrong wrong when I end up liking Richard and Shii An in all of this. CRAP.


Got an explanation for Travis' good mood lately. I think he is getting laid! Which honestly, good for him, because a dry spell that lasts for the equivalent of a Presidential term is just not healthy.

We were over at their house on Saturday (they were supposed to come to ours but we were watching the game and his TV is bigger) and she showed up. So "my TV is bigger" my ass. More like, "my booty call is showing up at ten."

She seemed nice enough. Different than what I would expect but perfectly nice.

Except she did that thing that annoys me.

Girls do this now and it is really irritating. She kept talking about sex. Which is fine. But in ways that didn't work with the conversation and were really bizarre. And I know that girls do this so that the guy will think that they are sexually adventurous and they will be exciting. But trust me. You have breasts. This particular man finds you exciting. You don't need to try so hard. It was so bad that even J noticed it on the way home. This was our conversation.

AB: She seemed . . . NICE.

J: Yeah.

AB: Outgoing . . .

J: Was it weird to you that she mentioned her ex-husband really liked anal?

AB: Yeah . . .

Also, she was one of those people that it was hard to follow whether or not she was sarcastic. I mean I have a very dry sense of humor and I really thought she was kidding until she said this (we were talking about Survivor and how people took it so personal and how sometimes you just need to get over yourself)

Her: I know what you mean. I have this friend, who's dad, like DIED five years ago? And every year he still like has a moment for him on his birthday and he is really sad about it and stuff? And sometimes, he talks about him. I mean, seriously. Get OVER IT asshole.

AB: ??????

She wasn't kidding. She thought that was a great story. About ten minutes late J and I got up with much "oh we have to get up early tomorrow's" and practically ran out of there.

That is when I realized that Moose was stoned. I thought he was just being quiet. Sometimes I am QUICK.


Then J got sick yesterday and skipped out on Mother's Day. Which is really too bad because we had the best dinner. King crab legs. DIVINE. I know that there are people on this earth that do not like shellfish and other than those who are allergic I just do not get those people at all. What is not to like? Delightful meat and you dip it in BUTTER.

But it was a little strange not having him there. Its funny how much a part of my family he has become in just a few years.

And it is always a little awkward that my sister wasn't there. She has been gone a long time and we have gotten used to her being gone. But it was always the four of us. And we all had it down to a dance, how to balance those four personalities. And it was really weird to look across the dining room table yesterday and see that empty chair.

You would think I would be used to it by now.

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