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My Skin Hates Me

My skin is finally starting to heal.

For those of you who do not have acne (and I hate you, I really really do) you will not understand what I mean when I say I have reached the crusty stage. But those of you with acne, just rubbed your chins in solidarity and said, "at least it is almost over."

The crusty stage is the least attractive stage of acne. It cannot be covered with concealer. To be honest, make up makes it look worse. Your skin is healing so it has formed a CRUST over the acne and is beginning to flake off.

Sound pretty?

This last batch of acne has made me a little less reasonable than I should be at twenty-five. I keep thinking about how last summer I was taking an oral anti-biotic and had incredibly smooth skin. Almost perfect. It wasn't dry, it wasn't crusty. It looked like skin!

I mean that anti-biotic made me dizzy and I threw up EVERY day but from a distance it totally seems worth it.

Monica took the same anti-biotic and got an incredible case of hives.

Even she is thinking about taking it again. I mean, she can't until she isn't pregnant again or her baby will have like three teeth total.

Which might be worth it. Wouldn't the baby rather have a pretty mommy?

I just didn't think I would be dealing with skin like this at this stage of my life. I mean I am starting to get wrinkles. You shouldn't have to have both. One or the other.

It doesn't help that pretty much every woman at our job (except me and Monica--thank god for her I would die without her) has PERFECT skin. When one of them whines because they have one tiny little pimple the week before their period I want to slap their skin right off them. When I have one I throw a party--because it is ONLY one. Bitches. And they are all thin with large breasts.

Writing it down makes it seem even worse somehow. Not as helpful as I was hoping for.

But the crusty stage is almost over and maybe I will have ok skin for a little while.

I will still have a big ass though. There is no cleanser to fix that.

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