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Too Much TV and White Pants Rebellion

I overslept yesterday. I got up after five. And it was HEAVEN. Everyone who bitches about getting up at five, ya'll are PUSSIES. Seriously. Five is HEAVEN.

I got up at my normal time today and wanted to cry.

Actually I sort of did for a minute but it was because I got soap in my eye.


My period is late again. I miss the hormonal interferance of birth control because I was Miss 28 Days. Now I am Miss Whenever You Uterus is READY. And it is not delightful.

I wore my white pants Monday and a white skirt yesterday thinking that my ovaries could not resist the change to humiliate me and ruin expensive clothing.

My ovaries are more spiteful than I ever dreamed. They refuse to ruin good clothing to make me happy.



Best Oprah last night. With Trinny and Susannah from What Not to Wear on. The British version of this show is so much better. Seriously. And I like the American version. But Trinny and Susannah have a way of doing this so that the person always feels beautiful at the end.

But I was most impressed with how they were trying to get the mom's of America out of taper legged jeans. God Bless the British if they can accomplish that.

And I really want the dress that Susannah was wearing. Also the pants Trinny had on. And the shoes.

I love daytime TV, thank God they replay it at 9:00.

OH! And one of the Best Gilmore Girls EVER.

Anyone else freak out when Digger showed up? I called him things that would make a Marine blush.

I need to stop watching TV I think.

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