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And now for some random (and not so random) product reviews:

Phillip's is an excellent choice if you have a couple of days to wait before you need to poop. It is entirely cramp and pain free but they really really mean that it will take 24-72 hours to work. Even if you chug water and take entirely too many of them. If you want immediate gratification, take something that will make you horrible but will only take about ten minutes.

Trader Joe's frozen shrimp stir-fry kicks some serious ass. Make with minute rice and you have dinner in about five minutes. If you are making it for the second time in a week (which I would never never do) skip the seasoning packet, add hot sauce and extra peppers (ok and onion if you want to be fancy) and serve as fajitas. If husband questions the snap peas and broccoli in fajitas, distract him with refried beans and sour cream. This has never happened.

Express' Editor Pant in premier stretch is the best black pant in the world. It is low-rise but not so low that you look like a hooker. It has a sassy little flare leg that makes you look less hippy than you are. It looks cute with flats, pumps, sandals or boots and honestly makes everyones ass look good. And it feels like sweatpants! Monica and I have tried to make everyone buy a pair and you should too.

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Moisturizer is great on summer greasy skin. It kills those little bumpy zits overnight and makes the big ones crusty fast (which sounds bad but it isn't). It moisturizes pretty well but be careful what foundation you use afterwards or you could look a little cakey. Though with the Kiehl's habit I am forming I may need a second job.

May you all go forth and poop every day, eat great and fast meals, have clear skin and look cute in your black pants doing it.

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