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Wasted Weekend

My dad likes to assign blame for my faults and take credit for anything good I do. What I mean to say is that in any conversation he will say, "You will always say the meanest thing, you get that from me." Or "I'm sorry you think your knees are fat, blame your mother."

And these things are true. I will say the meanest thing. My knees ARE fat. And the rest gets divided up too. The sarcasm (dad), the crying (mom), short legs and very small hands (dad--and particularly attractive with fat knees), a tendency towards worry-warting (mom), my skin and hair and face shape and big giant head (dad), eyes (mom).

Its a little creepy when you add it up. I am mostly my dad, practically him in female form and yet I have never really gotten along with him.

But how on earth did I get BOTH of their digestive issues?

My dad has Crohn's (which we have established I also have) and my mom has a different issue. The one that would be the opposite. We could call it blockage. Somehow I have both of these and so I have weekends like this one which I would rather forget about. Especially since all I did was talk about it.

I am sure J LOVED that.

If I had to have a combo trait of my two parents I would have preferred the dad's skinny legs plus mom's long legs combo that my sister got (BITCH).


Side note, my parents might be moving up to my end of the city. WHEEEEEEEEEE!!

They only live sixty miles away right now. But that is an hour. They are talking about moving about ten minutes away.

I know most people wouldn't like this but I would love it. Especially with us talking about having kids soon. Otherwise I will have no one to go and cry in her living room to.


I am so SELFISH.

Wonder who I got that from?

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