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Marriage and Hair

Ok I didn't know everyone had such strong opinions about short hair.

The men have voted (Apparantly there are two of you! I knew there was one! But two!?!?! Ya'll I am sorry for all the period and pooping and booby talk. You must be squicked out for life). And they are vehemently against the cutting of the hair.

I think this is hilarious because A) none of you people know what I look like, maybe my hair is all Cousin-It-like (and maybe ya'll have an Addams family fetish I mean we are all strangers here) and B) ya'll don't get to vote

I mean neither does J. This is just me checking the lay of the land. I wish undoubtedly not make up my mind at all until I get there and ask the cute-ass guy what he thinks. He will want to cut it (because hairdressers always want to cut it) and there we will be.

But I really do appreciate the input ya'll. Just because I am Little Miss Indecisive doesn't mean we cannot be all sharing and caring.


Did you know that a couple in this country gets divorced every minute?


That just amazes me. I mean I know that some of those divorces are good ones. People who never should have been married to begin with. People who are in abusive relationships. People who fight in front of their kids and are much better parents because they are not Mr. and Mrs. Whoever anymore.

But still.

Doesn't it feel like people just bail out awful quick now.

I mean I know I am absolutely addicted to Dr. Phil (I love him. I am sorry I know it is wrong but it just makes me feel so NORMAL). But the people that are on his show, its like they never even talked before they got married and sure as hell never started once the deal was done.

And then I talk to some of the gals who are engaged here at work. And they let it slip that "well I don't know if Future Husband wants to have kids or not, I am sure he does" and "as soon as we have more money I am quitting my job to stay home, I mean I have told HIM that." Those ideas are fine. Wanting kids is great. Wanting to stay home is great too. But man, don't you think you might want to tell him that.

Now maybe they were exagerrating. I used to always think that.

Now I am not so sure. I mean J and I covered basically every topic under the sun before we got married. We talked about money. Kids. Housing. Cities we would live in. Careers. Hobbies. Vacations. We sure as hell do not agree on everything but we do have workable compromises on everything that is important.

Everyone fights about money. I am fairly certain that Bill and Melinda Gates fight about money. It is part of being married. But our fights are usually more of loud ravings about how we are opressed by the Man. Not about how we are spending our money and where. Because that has been longed planned out.

At least know what you are getting into.

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