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I am still making up my mind about my haircut. He cut the back a lot shorter and left the front pretty long. It is sort of a piecy bob which is pretty cute. I made him think it out a lot (which resulted in us having a very loud debate in his shop) because I worried about having newscaster hair. I think it turned out pretty well and it suits me well enough.

I will never be the girl with the long pretty hair. I cannot handle it.

Enjoying my long weekend so far. Even though it is cold and rainy. Found the most perfect pair of jeans ever yesterday. Fit perfectly. Were just the right color and length and everything was wonderful about them. Except that they were ridiculously expensive.

Cannot talk myself into spending that much. Though maybe I will on vacation because if it is on vacation it doesn't count.

Really can't wait. Wish we could go today. Just feel this urge to get away.

Nothing else to say. Going to take a nap. Middle of the day.

This is the life.

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