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Optimism and Eddie Izzard

Only three days of work this week.


I mean, not to get all Spicoli on you but a three day week is totally gnarly. Besides, Friday is Harry Potter day and we are leaving for our mini-break in California.

Just have to get through three days! And then it will be something like six days of no work, lotsa sex, greasy good, flip flop wearing and no need to use a flat ironing.

That just sounds delightful.


J and I watched an Eddie Izzard special on HBO this weekend. I realized two things. 1) I do not watch nearly enough Eddie Izzard and 2) I do not use lovely English phrases enough.

For example, I do not say BUGGER when something annoying happens, this handily replaces drat or damn it. And when something is settled I do not say SORTED, which is really lovely, "You do know that you are being an ass right? SORTED!"

Thank you Eddie Izzard for straightening me out right away.


There are days when I feel very optimistic. This is odd for me really. I am not a cheerful, sunny and glass is half full kind of girl. I am not all doom and gloom either. Just more of a realist. But lately, I have these flashes of optimism that just jump out at me.

They really need to stop soon. They are freaking me the fuck out.


Monica is out of the office today. She is in California, probably lying in the sun somewhere.

And I am in the office, which is stuffy and smells like garbage since no one has been in it for three days.


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