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Late Night, Big Win

My ass is tired this morning.

Played softball until eleven last night. But let me tell you that the husband and I rocked the house. I went 2 for 3 with an RBI and 2 scored runs. J went 2 for 3 with 2 scored runs and he made a grand catch in the outfield. I expect the Cubs to be calling us to be their featured husband and wife offensive machine.

I am actually thinking of retiring so I can keep my average so high.

I love my team when everyone hits. I mean that sounds stupid, well of course you like your team when you are hitting that means you are winning. And while yes, we were winning, what I really meant by that was that once everyone gets a hit we all feel more relaxed and even if we are losing we all start to feel like we are going to win. But if people are not hitting than even if we have a huge lead they feel like we will lose. And we all turn into serious bitches.

Of course last night we handed this team their asses. Final score 12:4. Add that to last week, while we were on vacation and they won 18:0 and we are on quite the roll.

But I am beat. I didn't get to sleep until midnight and even though I didn't get up until 4:30 that is just so late for me. And I had to shower this morning, which I hate.

I don't understand how people can shower in the mornings. I would kill for an extra five minutes of sleep most days, how can I willingly sacrafice 20 so that I can shower. Really, it is more than that because you have to dry your hair too.

The girls at work all say, "well I just cannot wake up without a shower," to that I say BULLSHIT. You totally can. And even if you can't, most of us bus in anyway, sleep on the bus, you will be happier.

And showering at night is one of the best things you can do for acne prone skin (behind a good cleanser and changing your pillowcases every two days--do those three things and your skin will look a lot better) because it makes sure that you don't have any stray hair product or anything on your skin.

If that isn't reason enough, doesn't it take forever to do your hair when you shower. It takes freaking forever to dry and then I have to straighten at least part of it. FUCK. It takes like twenty minutes. And it is HUGE.

I honestly prefer my hair when its a little dirty anyway. I thought this was weird until my stylist told me that most blondes (and actually just many people) look a lot better with their hair a little dirty.

To me that is practically an excuse to go days without showering and have lovely soft and messy hair. If I could just get past that whole smelling-like-a-bum bit.

I would still change my pillowcases every other day of course.

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