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I am wearing a freaking wife-beater today!!

Actually two. Because they are sheer. And under a blazer. But still. I feel so trashy and comfortable there ought to be a law against it.

Also, those tagless Hanes wife-beaters are the shit.

So exhausted I don't know what to do. Not sure why that is either because I went to sleep early and got up LATE. Didn't get up until FIVE. It was FANTASTIC.

Had an interesting conversation with my dad yesterday. I usually will avoid topics like politics and religion with him because I know that we will never agree. Also that we will piss each other off.

But we ended up talking about social security and health care and I just wanted to reach through the phone.

My dad has totally lost touch with what it is like to not have money.

Now this is bizarre because my dad was laid off for YEARS. My parents almost lost their house. You would think that he would understand. But even with that they still live in a very nice middle class neighborhood, they still drove nice cars and had a boat. He never worried about whether they would eat or be able to see a doctor.

But its not like he grew up like that.

Somehow my dad has got it in his head that poor people don't like to work.


Actually, in my experience, its rich people who do not like to work. And who teach their kids that they shouldn't have to. Poor people usually accept that they are going to work every day of their lives and have nothing to show for it.

I mean J and I are nowhere near poor. We work hard but we are also very fortunate. And I still understand how it is hard to afford things like healthcare and insurance. And we make way too much money to be worrying about that.

Anyway. My dad is annoying.

Tonight we have another softball game. I am playing though I know it jeopardizes my killer average. I am sure the highlights will be on Sportcenter tonight if you are interested.

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