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The Shrub and the Restless

Not to be a big fat whiner, but its too hot here today. People in Seattle (and I guess I am no exception) are notoriously pathetic about extreme weather. We are totally unprepared for it. Its like 90 degrees here today. We don't have air conditioning. WAAHHHHHHHHHH

I actually slept until noon today because it was so hot.

That was actually pretty cool.

We won our softball game again last night 10-2. J rocked the house by hitting balls very hard and high in the air. He then proved that he is the oldest 25 year old ever by almost killing himself running around the bases.

I only went 1 for 3 with an RBI, lowering my average to .500. THE SHAME.

Darla and I spent the morning, ok afternoon since I slept until noon, looking for a place to give her a haircut. I may have mentioned that she is a long-haired dachshund. Her hair is too long. It gets matted in a light breeze. It smells. She looks like a shrub (we don't call her Bush because it is not her fault that it is so long and she has never lied about WMDs to anyone).

Found a place, but they couldn't take her until tomorrow.

But guess what? Darla does like the air conditioner in the car. Also, people at Taco Time who give her dog biscuits. And gas station patrons who coo into the car at the "pretty girl." Darla votes that we go drive around to groomers EVERY DAY. Especially if she doesn't actually get groomed.

Its just so hot. And I have to clean my house and I do not want to. At all. Possibly ever. But we are having poker night tomorrow and that means I can't have it looking like this.

Have to hide from our friends that we are fucking slobs.

Also, I am out of clean underwear.


The dogs are down on the deck sunning themselves until they almost pass out from the heat. Then they come in and LAY in their water bowl (filled every five seconds with ice water by ME). Lather, rinse, REPEAT over and over.

I am waiting for three so I can watch Dr. Phil.

We are such an exciting crew.

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