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How sad is it that I googled "Kenny G Divorce" last night to see if yesterday's entry showed up?

Heh. It does.

Check out Lauren she made me cry.

Also, Heather and Jon are the cutest ever.

So I read this today. Having a hard time feeling sorry for the fathers in this situation. Not because I don't think that men are having a hard time adjusting to this new balance of work and family but because does this woman really want us to feel sorry for the guy because his wife doesn't make as much MONEY?

There are a lot of working fathers in my workplace. Pretty much almost every man here. There are a lot of working mothers too.

Let me tell you. The working fathers. SUCK. ASS.

They do not try to do anything. If there is a problem at school they call their wife and demand that she take care of it. They never try to make it to games or plays or whatever even though our workplace is very flexible and would allow it without penalty. More than one is a little confused as to how old his children are.

Now I know that there are great dads out there. And I know there are men who want to spend more time with their kids.

I am absolutely not discounting that. But honestly, if that was the value of the father he wouldn't be talking to the NY Times bitching about how his wife doesn't make any money and how she doesn't APPRECIATE him.

Motherfucker what do you want.

Its amazing to me. The men that I see. And my own father. How they have no concept of what it takes to do the things that they expect. I watched my boss get absolutely LIVID with his wife a few months ago because his kids weren't dressed "right" for a party. The woman was eight months pregnant. With two toddlers. A big house. Getting the kids ready ALONE for his party, trying to cook and clean and have everything perfect.

I think that is probably the kind of guy that complains about how his wife doesn't make any money anymore.

A man who is in the trenches with her, wouldn't bitch about that.

That is one of the best things about J. I know for a fact that he will not pull this crap. Does he do things exactly how I want him to? NO. Do I have to let that go and let things be less than perfect if I want him to do anything? YES. Is that possibly much healthier anyway? YES.

But I know that he won't leave me to raise our kid. And I know that he won't go to work and bitch that I don't make enough money.

I am possibly getting too worked up about this.

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